Program and Pubcrawl Maps

Program and Pubcrawl Maps

Since we started organizing this event 3 months ago we always hoped for good weather to come – this is pretty rare in Hamburg. But not this weekend: we are glad to tell you that we will have perfect summer weather on all days – it’s getting so hot! Nevertheless the organizers have done a lot of work the last days to manage registrations and handling out the final program, also a Pubcrawl map for Friday night was created in a night session

Use your chance to have a look at the full program with the attached PDF. If you have a printer: print it out and take it with you to get even more excited 😉
(At the moment we are handling out to print as much as possible)

Moreover we asked our Hamburg Party Experts to set up a list of cool bars & clubs to go after our Kick-Off at the Beachclub. We have to leave this awesome venue at midnight due to noise problems – but no Prob: we have a bunch of Clubs around the corner and as you might know the parties are starting mostly at midnight.
We are even more excited to tell you that we handled out a special deal for all Attendees with the club “Waagenbau” which is located just a few steps away, this means you have to pay only half the price with your wristband (3€ instead of 6€)!!!

Of course: not every participant is fan of the same music this is why Steve & Graham set up a list of cool opportunities for every kind of music-style for the Partyarea around the “Schanze” (where the Beachclub is located) and the famous “Reeperbahn” (where we will also have our main party on Sat). As we make no guided walk just split up in tiny groups, scream “partytime!”, empty your drink and head out to the spot that fits your style best!

Venues to go @Schanze:

Venues to go @Reeperbahn:
How to get there from Schanze?
Just go to the S/UBahn, take the Subway U3 (direction Hauptbahnhof) and get off at station “St.Pauli”.